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Morristown Location Hours:
Sunday-Wednesday: 12-8pm, Weds & Thurs: 11am-8pm, Fri & Sat 10am-9pm

Wine and Craft Beer Clubs

Club Collettore (Wine)

For those of you looking for the very best, Club Collettore (Italian for

“collector”) is the choice for you. Each month we will select a pair of
limited production, high-quality finds from hands-on producers from around
the world. Many of these wines will be “members only” wines exclusive to
Club Collettore and will never appear on the shelves on 30 Church Street.

Benefits included with your Wine Membership:

(1) Detailed newsletter with background information, tasting notes, and food
pairings where applicable.
(2) Priority registration for classes, dinners and other Amanti Vino special
(3) WINE CLUB members will have the opportunity to purchase additional
bottles of that month’s selection at a discount of 10% per bottle or 15% per
case or more.
(4) WINE CLUB MEMBERS’ wine selections will typical EXCEED the cost of your
monthly subscription fee.


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Club Birra (Beer)

For our beer lovers, Club Birra (Italian for “beer”) is designed to introduce you to incredible beers from around the world. Our selections will include beers before they are put on the shelves at Amanti Vino and limited edition beers that won’t every make it to the shelves. This is a club for those who love to “geek out” on the latest and greatest beers. Quantity of selections vary from month to month.

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Club Goda (Wine)

For all our our wine lovers, Club Goda (Italian for “enjoy”) is designed to
introduce you to incredible wines from around the world.  Each month we will
serve as your personal shopper and introduce you to two exceptional wines
that may includes wines new to Amanti Vino (before they hit the shelves!),
off-the-beaten path selections or an advance preview of new vintages of our
cult favorites.

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