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Thanksgiving Value Packs

Turkey Day is right around the corner, folks! What to serve with the bird? Our 2023 Six-Bottle Thanksgiving Value Packs! SAVE 10% on our Thanksgiving favorites…

The November chill has finally arrived, and I can’t wait for the most delicious of all holidays…THANKSGIVING! However, it’s true that this most enjoyable feast also be the most confusing when it comes to wine pairings. With so many side dishes, flavors and spices going on, we all know what a headache it is to pair wine with the vast cornucopia of thanksgiving fare. So, as always, the AV brain trust has gotten together and crafted two delicious VALUE PACKS to satisfy all palate preferences and price points to make your holiday shopping as smooth as a well-aged Burgundy. As we always say “PAIR WITH THE SPICES!" Without cranberry sauce or heavy gravy, turkey is pretty much a "neutral" flavor. These wines will pair perfectly with the array of spices you might use on Turkey Day; cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, star name it!


If I do so say myself, our 2023 value packs rock! Complete with some of our favorite T-DAY “GO-TO” wines, both packs offer an array of labels from around over the globe. And the best part? ALL six packs are priced at 10% OFF and come in an Amanti Vino reusable 6-bottle tote bag!



The Pilgrim Pack! – All the essentials for a feast to remember…- $128.99 per pack

2022 Des Chambris - Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Nuits

2019 Thibert - Mâcon-Verzé

2020 Malvira - Amanti Langhe Nebbiolo

2022 Berthier - ‘L’Instant’ Sauvignon Blanc

2021 Anselmo Mendes - ‘Pardusco’ 

NV Ferrandière - Amanti Vino Bubbles


The Governor Pack! - Just ask for the “Gubna”…- $222.99 per pack

2020 J.B. Becker - Riesling 'Wallufer Auslese Trocken'

2021 Bzikot - Bourgogne Blanc

NV Gronget - Blanc de Blanc

2022 Maison Stephan - Syrah

2022 Maillard - Bourgogne Rouge

2022 Dunites - Pinot Noir 'Ella'


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