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Brandy & Grappa

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3BR Distillery - 'Elevator Series: 09' Peach & Basil Eau-de-Vie
3BR Distillery - 'Elevator Series: 09' Peach & Basil Eau-de-Vie (750ml)

This limited production, experimental eau-de-vie is distilled from fermented peaches macerated with freshly-grown basil. The attack is all fresh fruit (but without sweetness), while the herbal, slightly peppery impact from the... Read More

Our price  $44.99
Château Montifaud - Cognac Petite Champagne XO
Château Montifaud - Cognac Petite Champagne 'XO' (750ml)

From a family grower-producer distilling & aging brandy from their own vineyards, this XO is aged much longer than required by law—between 20 & 30 years! Generous & pleasantly fruity for its age, it displays the desirable... Read More

Our price  $134.99
Drouin - Experimental 17yr Calvados Caroni Rum Finish (700ml)
Drouin - 'Experimental' 17yr Calvados Caroni Rum Finish (700ml)

Thanks to their friendship with Velier’s Luca Gargano, the Drouins were able to source a few empty casks from Caroni—a now-defunct rum producer—to finish this 17-year-old Calvados for their experimental range.... Read More

Our price  $119.99
Drouin - 'Le Calvados Sélection' 375mL
Drouin - 'Le Calvados Sélection' 375mL (375ml)

From the famed Calvados producer Christian Drouin, this affordably-priced offering is delicious to sip—clean, pleasantly sweet & apple-y—but also priced well for use in cocktails, cooking, and baking. Perfect for all... Read More

Our price  $24.99
Drouin - Calvados Pays d'Auge 'VSOP'
Drouin - Calvados Pays d'Auge 'VSOP' (700ml)

From one of Normandy’s most respected producers, this brandy is distilled from bitter, bittersweet, sweet, & sharp cider apples before aging in used casks, some of which contained fortified wine. Fruity and dense, with hints... Read More

Our price  $64.99
Eric Artiguelongue - Bas-Armagnac 'VSOP'
Eric Artiguelongue - Bas-Armagnac 'VSOP' (750ml)

Armagnac, located just south of Bordeaux, isn't as 'well-known' as Cognac in the United States, but produces incredibly soft, aromatic brandies that are well-worth exploring. One of our favorite producers in the region,... Read More

Our price  $49.99
Fanny Fougerat - Cognac Fins Bois Hors-Série: Marin (700ml)
Fanny Fougerat - Cognac Fins Bois 'Hors-Série: Marin' (700ml)

For this special release, two barrels were built from staves seasoned & dried at an island oyster farm, then toasted to separate levels & used to finish stunning Cognac from the 2011 harvest. Mineral and fresh in style, with well-integrated... Read More

Our price  $99.99
Finger Lakes Distilling - Grappa
Finger Lakes Distilling - Grappa (375ml)

This Grappa comes from one of our absolute favorite craft distilleries and is produced entirely on site using Finger Lakes Riesling (and occasionally small percentages of other varieties). Earthy and floral, it's also quite... Read More

Our price  $32.99
Jacky Navarre - Cognac Grande Fine Champagne 'Cravache d'Or'
Jacky Navarre - Cognac Grande Fine Champagne 'Cravache d'Or' (750ml)

Crafted by Cognac’s greatest independent grower-producer, this XO bottling is composed of barrels no less than 20 years in age, brought down to 90 proof through natural evaporation, and bottled at natural color without adulteration... Read More

Our price  $189.99
Jacoulot - Fine de Bourgogne
Jacoulot - Fine de Bourgogne (1L)

Cognac and Armagnac fans, you HAVE to try this! Fine Bourgogne is Burgundy's expression of the traditional French brandy style, a la Cognac or Armagnac. Instead of distilling from a wine made of high-yielding, cheap varieties... Read More

Our price  $114.99
Jean Cavé - Vieil-Armagnac '1979 Vintage'
Jean Cavé - Vieil-Armagnac '1979 Vintage' (750ml)

From a small, family-owned producer founded in 1885, this is a remarkable value for older, single vintage Armagnac. Aged four long decades before bottling, it offers complex, layered aromas and flavors of orange peel, oak spice,... Read More

Our price  $199.99
L'Encantada - 'Tattoo Series #3' Armagnac finished in ex-Weller bourbon barrels
L'Encantada - 'Tattoo Series #3' Armagnac finished in ex-Weller bourbon barrels (750ml)

The third release in L’Encantada’s ‘Tattoo Series’ collaboration with PM Spirits is a marriage of six single casks of Armagnac between 13 and 36 years of age before extended finishing in ex-Weller bourbon... Read More

Our price  $169.99
Prunier - Cognac Grande Champagne VSOP
Prunier - Cognac Grande Champagne VSOP (200ml)

From a historic Cognac house with over 300 years of experience, this pocket-sized brandy is an exceptional example of VSOP Cognac: bold, fruity, and surprisingly rich, with hints of peach syrup and butterscotch. Way better than... Read More

Our price  $18.99
Reisetbauer - Apricot Eau-de-Vie
Reisetbauer - Apricot Eau-de-Vie (375ml)
Biodynamic Grown Organically 

Distilled by the master of eau-de-vie, Hans Reisetbauer, from biodynamically-farmed apricots grown at Weingut Bernhard Ott! The pure essence of apricot at peak freshness: fleshy, fruity, and pleasantly floral, with hints of white... Read More

Our price  $79.99
Rey Fernando de Castilla - Solera Gran Reserva
Rey Fernando de Castilla - Solera Gran Reserva (750ml)

An exceptionally smooth, rich brandy ~15 years of age, this is distilled in small batches from estate grapes and aged in the producer's own sherry casks. Complex layers of spice, fruit, toasted oak, and toffee. An unbeatable... Read More

Our price  $56.99
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