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Italian Spirits

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Alta Gradazione - 'Timo' Thyme Liqueur
Alta Gradazione - 'Timo' Thyme Liqueur (700ml)

This superb—and unique—liqueur is created by macerating thyme, lavender flowers, and lemon peel in grape distillate. Delicately sweet, it is wonderfully herbal & fresh; perfect to end a meal, it also plays well in... Read More

Our price  $47.99
Bordiga - 'Occitan' Dry Gin
Bordiga - 'Occitan' Dry Gin (1L)

Produced in the town of Cuneo since 1889, this 6-botanical gin features wild-foraged juniper from the Occitan Alps, along with angelica, cardamom, coriander, and citrus peel. Dry & juniper-forward, it’s a perfect gin for... Read More

Our price  $37.99
Bordiga - Amaro 'Dilei'
Bordiga - Amaro 'Dilei' (750ml)

From a family distillery dating back to 1888, this amaro was originally created for Café Dilei, a famous bar in Turin that is now closed. Made from real botanicals, many foraged in the wild, it is a classic alpine-style... Read More

Our price  $37.99
Bordiga - Centum Herbis
Bordiga - Centum Herbis (700ml)

Produced by Bordiga since the distillery’s founding in 1888—and according to the same recipe the whole time!—this is an Italian answer to the style of botanical liqueur made famous as Chartreuse. Less boozy than... Read More

Our price  $44.99
Bordiga - Maraschino Liqueur
Bordiga - Maraschino Liqueur (750ml)

From a liquoriste founded in Cuneo in 1888, this distilled liqueur is made from Italy’s Marasca and Amarena cherries. Floral, marzipan aromas and flavors are layered with dark, juicy ripe fruit but minimal sweetness. A classic... Read More

Our price  $33.99
Borsci - Limoncello 'Succ'Agro'
Borsci - Limoncello 'Succ'Agro' (750ml)

A classic southern Italian limoncello made only from lemons, sugar, & water: no artificial flavor or color! Tart, sweet, and citrusy, it's a perfect refreshing liqueur for the summer months.

Our price  $21.99
Capitoline - N'Amaro
Capitoline - N'Amaro (700ml)

Crafted in Rome by a micro-distillery operating out of a bar in the city, this is a naturally produced Amaro that leans away from astringent bitterness and balances its botanical complexity with a hint of fresh, lemony sweetness.... Read More

Our price  $41.99
Cappelletti - Aperitivo
Cappelletti - Aperitivo (750ml)

Still made the old-fashioned way, with natural colors and ingredients, this is our absolute favorite aperitivo on the market, and one of the least expensive!

Our price  $19.99
Contratto - Bitter
Contratto - Bitter (1L)

Contratto is one of the oldest historic producers of wines and aperitivos in Italy, and still makes them traditionally and organically. A more traditional, natural alternative to larger producers of bitter aperitivos. Perfect... Read More

Our price  $29.99
Ercole - Amaro
Ercole - Amaro (750ml)

Conceived as a collaboration between The Piedmont Guy and Quaglia, this is a bracingly dry take on Italy’s classic Alpine style of amaro. Unmasked by overt sweetness, the cooling botanical complexity takes center stage—a... Read More

Our price  $24.99
Hotel Starlino - Maraschino Cherries
Hotel Starlino - Maraschino Cherries (750ml)

Hotel Starlino cherries are exquisite all-natural Maraschino cherries matured for two weeks in their natural Marasca juice then rested for another week to achieve their peak flavor. The result, a delicious luxury cherry that is... Read More

Our price  $16.99
La Canellese - Vermouth di Torino 'Extra Dry'
La Canellese - Vermouth di Torino 'Extra Dry' (750ml)

Made in the heart of Piedmont, on the border of Langhe and Monferrato, this is a clean, crisp example of ‘extra dry’ Vermut di Torino, with a lighter touch on the oak than many of its counterparts. Delicious on its... Read More

Our price  $27.99
Quaglia - 'Bčrto' Ross da Travaj Sweet Vermouth
Quaglia - 'Bčrto' Ross da Travaj Sweet Vermouth (1L)

This classic northern Italian sweet vermouth is carefully crafted by the botanical experts at Quaglia, a long-time family owned and operated distillery in Piedmont. Beautifully balanced, it makes a perfect Manhattan, Negroni,... Read More

Our price  $17.99
Quaglia - Bottled Negroni
Quaglia - Bottled Negroni (750ml)

With better pedigree than most pre-mixed cocktails, this bottled negroni is made from gin, vermouth, and red bitter all made on site by Quaglia, the producers of Volume Primo and Bèrto vermouth.

Our price  $25.99
Volume Primo - Vermouth
Volume Primo - Vermouth (1L)

Crafted by Antica Distilleria Quaglia to the specifications of Sharon’s favorite Veronese cocktail bar, Archivio, this outstanding sweet vermouth is delicious on its own but perfect for the ultimate Negroni, Manhattan, or... Read More

Our price  $34.99
Walcher - 'Amaretto Biologico'
Walcher - 'Amaretto Biologico' (700ml)
Grown Organically 

Distilled from 100% organic grain, botanicals, & sugar, this traditional almond-based liqueur is a small-production, organically-produced alternative to other classic nut liqueurs like Frangelico and Disaronno. Pleasant to sip... Read More

Our price  $32.99
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