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Grower Champagne

Why We Love Grower Champagne


We converted years ago and think you should too: buy grower-Champagne!  We could wax poetic about why, but we couldn’t say it better than the revered founder of the grower-Champagne movement, Terry Theise:

 “You should drink “farmer-fizz” if you’ve forgotten that Champagne is a wine.  You should drink “farmer-fizz” if you’d rather buy Champagne from a farmer than a factory.  


You should drink it if you’d rather have a wine expressive of a vineyard, and the grower’s own connection to vineyard, than a wine “formed” by a marketing swami who’s studied to the nth-degree what you can be persuaded to “consume”.  


You should drink grower-champagne if the individually distinctive flavors of terroir-driven wines matter.  You should drink it because it’s honest real wine grown and made by a vintner – by a family just like your – by a “him,” not by an “it.”  


You should drink it because its price is honestly based on what it costs to produce, not manipulated to account for massive PR and ad budgets.  You should drink grower-Champagne because, like all hand-crafted estate-bottled wines, it is not a mere thing but is indeed a being, expressive of where it grew and who raised it.  In drinking it you help protect diversity, and diversity leads to vitality.”

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