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Amanti Vino Morristown Blog

Let's demystify some new wine terms... Apr 23, 2021

Organic? Biodynamic? Natural? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN...

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Beer Blog: Oktoberfest 2020 Sep 25, 2020

Learn a little history behind this 200+ year old celebration of all things Bavaria!

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National Bourbon Heritage Month Sep 07, 2020

Did you know September is National Bourbon Heritage Month? Declared in 2007 by the United States Senate as a celebration of America’s ‘native spirit,’ National Bourbon Heritage Month is mostly celebrated in—or with respect to—Kentucky, the state with the most widely-known bourbon producing history and most of the country’s large commercial producers, along with MGP of Indiana. But there are incredible craft distillers around the country producing bourbons you need to are some of our favorites! 

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5 Overlooked Bottles You Need on Your Bar Jul 26, 2020

From bourbon to Scotch to tequila and mezcal, craft spirits are incredibly popular right now. However, because the world of spirits is so broad, some of the most incredible bottles on the shelf still get overlooked in favor of more familiar options. As your resident spirits expert and enthusiast, I just wanted to point out some of my favorite spirits currently in inventory that aren’t getting quite the attention they’re due. These were the bottles that lingered in my mind after I first tasted samples and then ended up on my home bar because I couldn’t quite live without them. Whatever your favorite category, hopefully you’ll find something to try and enjoy as much as I have!

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What Do Tariffs Mean for Scotch? Feb 21, 2020

Tariffs have been the source of significant discussion when it comes to wine (and cheese, and olive oil), but we’ve seen less discussion about how they’ll impact the spirits market, especially when it comes to single malt scotch. The 25% tariff on single malt scotch went into effect on October 18th, right alongside wine and other European goods, and a vote last week saw it continue further into the new year. Without getting too into the political weeds, I wanted to discuss briefly the very real way this will impact the prices you, the consumer, pay for single malt scotch.

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International Scotch Day! Feb 08, 2020

It’s International Scotch Day—and it’s cold outside!—so why not try a new dram? Our robust selection of independently-owned and operated Scotch distilleries & bottlers offers a chance to try cult favorites and award-winning whiskies alongside newcomers and rarities. No matter what, each scotch on our shelves—blended or single malt—is produced without common corner-cutting practices such as artificial caramel coloring and chillfiltration, which can’t be said of most of the big, familiar, commercial brands. These are authentic, traditional whiskies handcrafted to be as delicious as possible, rather than to merely create profit. Add one of our favorites to your home bar or whisky collection today!

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Demystifying the Tariffs on French, Spanish and German Wine... Dec 02, 2019

I have enjoyed talking to so many of you about the recent imposition of tariffs on a variety of wines from some of our favorite wine producing countries and was encouraged to share my insights on what wines are likely to be affected and how this will affect wine consumers.  Feel free to reply to contact us with any feedback, comments, or questions!



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Four Killer Vermouths You Need to Try Sep 29, 2019

With the craft cocktail scene booming stateside, adventurous drinkers are after unique, interesting, high quality vermouth not only for cocktail-making, but to drink on its own. And—you guessed it—we have some incredible options for you to try.

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The Great American Booze Tour, Pt. 2: Myer Farm Distillers Sep 06, 2019

Stop #2 on Jacob's Distillery Tour of the Finger Lakes: Myer Farm Distillers, a 150-year-old organic family farm distilling their own grain since 2012. From milling to mashing to scooping to fermentation to distillation and aging and bottling, Joe Myer does everything himself, often doing without time-saving equipment because he prefers to work by hand. “It’s gotten easier since we stopped self-distributing,” he mentions. “I still work seven days a week, but now I try to take four hours off every Monday.”

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The Great American Booze Tour, Pt. 1: Finger Lakes Distilling Aug 30, 2019

Last week our spirits buyer, Jacob, spent a few days in the Finger Lakes touring some of the most exciting craft distilleries in America. First stop: Finger Lakes Distilling, producer of Amanti Vino staff and customer favorite, 'McKenzie Wheated Bourbon, Bottled-in-Bond.' Just what makes this small-batch distillate so good?

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Tequila 101 Aug 10, 2019

Tequila is one of the world’s favorite spirits right now. In the United States, sales of the venerable Mexican sipper, shooter, and mixer nearly rival bourbon! But for many, tequila still has a negative association with bad nights in college or cheap, harsh spirits bought at the corner store. In reality, it’s an incredibly broad, versatile category with something for everyone, and knowing just a few key points of information will help you buy the ultimate bottle for your own home bar.

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Age Isn't Just a Number Aug 03, 2019

Many wines are meant to age. Many of the most traditional varieties and styles—from Barolo and Barbaresco to Premier & Grand Cru Burgundy to Rioja Gran Reserva—are grown and vinified with the intent of not only barrel, but also bottle aging, before the wine reaches its true peak. But what if you want to try a perfectly-aged wine tonight? 

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How Do We Curate Our Selection? Jul 21, 2019

If you’ve shopped with us before, you’ve probably heard our spiel—that we champion small producers, traditional methods, and craft beer & spirits, rather than mass-produced, commercial products. Most importantly, we taste everything before we buy it, so even though something might not be familiar, it’s been vetted and vouched for by experts with a lot of experience. That all sounds good....but what does it look like in practice? 

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Let's Talk About Sulfites Jul 06, 2019

People are confused about sulfites. They’re a buzzword in the world of wine, especially in retail, and thanks to misleading marketing, most people are woefully misinformed. Every single day, customers ask me if we have “sulfite-free wines” or insist that they cannot drink red wines because of “sulfur allergies” or “sulfur sensitivities.” Don’t get me wrong—I’m not denying that these sensitivities exist in a small percentage of the population. However, in most cases this is a misunderstanding about what sulfites are and how they contribute to the preservation process of wine and other foods. This is good news: chances are an unpleasant headache or killer hangover has nothing to do with sulfites!

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Ultimate Summer Chicken Recipe w/ Pairings! Jun 29, 2019

Everyone loves getting a good food & wine pairing at a local restaurant, but why rely on a chef and sommelier? You can make excellent food at home and pair it with incredible wine; not only is it a fun way to entertain, it's also significantly less expensive than dining out every night of the week. This recipe is a secret weapon of mine: simple, delicious, & low-maintenance.

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There's More to Life than Bourbon Jun 07, 2019

Bourbon drinkers, hear me out. I think you’re stuck in a rut. There’s nothing wrong with loving bourbon—I drink a lot of it—but there are other delicious American whiskeys out there you should be adding to your collection. When I pour in-store tastings, customers often come in asking to sample a bourbon and leave preferring a rye or malt whiskey from the lineup. And yet, bourbon outsells other American whiskey categories in our store by a ratio of almost 3:1. Why? I have some theories. First and foremost, I think a lot of whiskey drinkers don’t fully understand that whiskey is a broad category of spirits distilled from grain, and that words like “bourbon” or “rye” or “Scotch” are merely categories within this broader family. 

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What Should You Drink this Summer? Rosé, or Rose B? May 31, 2019

With the demand for rosé growing stateside, and wine knowledge and education lagging behind, it seems like every b-list celebrity and get-rich-quick entrepreneur has started a new wine brand. Bottle after bottle of rosé gets branded with tacky, pandering names and goofy-looking packaging. Whether the wine comes from movie stars, Instagram joke plagiarists, Hamptons elite wannabes, or just a Côtes de Provence producer with dollar signs in his or her eyes, there’s a proliferation of bad rose on the market again, and these days it’s often anything but cheap! Whether, like me, you’re just burnt out on even good examples of the most well-known rosé regions and styles, or you’re hunting for something truly farmed and handmade by an actual producer at an actual estate, here are three unusual and very delicious rosés that will convert even the harshest skeptic.

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Three Cocktails that Will Change Your Mind About Gin May 24, 2019

People who think they don’t like gin often associate the word with low-quality spirits that taste—quite frankly—like Pine-Sol and rubbing alcohol. Maybe you had a bad college experience with one of those gins in plastic jugs, or maybe you had a family member with dubious taste in gin, but hear me out: you shouldn’t let these misconceptions color your understanding of what ‘gin’ tastes like, or how it should be enjoyed!

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How to Throw an Unforgettable Dinner Party May 17, 2019

Home-cooked food, bottle after bottle of great wine, and a cocktail or three, all with great company—who doesn’t love a memorable dinner party? But there are a lot of moving parts to an evening like this, and your life-as-host will be much easier if you get organized ahead of time. In this week’s blog, we offer you an open-ended template to give you some guidance, along with some pro tips & tricks, for structuring the perfect evening of eating, drinking, and revelry. 

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A Sommelier's Secret Weapon May 10, 2019

A lot of people dismiss Riesling as a ‘sweet’ style of wine, and because of this misconception spend most of their wine-drinking lives missing out on some really incredible wines. Don't be that person! Whether dry or sweet, Old World or New, Riesling is near the top of any good sommelier’s list of best wines for food pairings, especially with challenging cuisines. And because their reputation isn’t on par with, say, white Burgundy or even Vouvray, your hard-earned dollar goes a long, long way. 

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Food & Beer Pairing 101 May 03, 2019

If you follow our Instagram, you may have already noticed that our beer manager has a spot in her heart for beer & food pairing. Check out this blog for a crash-course on her favorite methods of matching the right beer with whatever you might be eating! 

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Food for Thought: Challenging Food & Wine Pairings Apr 26, 2019

As Amanti Vino’s resident food dweebs have settled on three guiding principles that we think are important when it comes to pairing food and wine: Drink what you like; understand that seasoning and cooking methods are critical for achieving balance between food and wine; and—when in doubt—pair like with like. Keeping these ‘rules’ in mind, and with beautiful weather well on the way, we came up with four pairing examples that we use both in the store and at home to make life’s edible moments all the more delicious...

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The Wildly Misleading World of American Whiskey Apr 19, 2019

Did you know that the vast majority of bourbon and rye comes from just a few sources, namely the big corporate distilleries and distilling plants? Often they are labeled misleadingly or branded as distinct products, so it can be hard to tell what's truly 'small-batch' or 'craft.' Time to learn more about why you should be drinking real craft whiskey! 

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5 Delicious sub-$20 Pinot Noir Alternatives Apr 17, 2019

If you’ve yet to branch out into the wider world of wine—or maybe you’re comfortable asking for Pinot Noir, but not sure what else you’d enjoy—I highly recommend trying one of these five delicious, light-bodied, spring & summer reds.

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